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Responsible AI: Principles and Practical Applications

UC Berkeley

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Penn State University

Communications 403: Law of Mass Communications*

Taught: Summer 2013 to present

Nature and theories of law; the Supreme Court and press freedom; legal problems of the mass media

Comm 403 Syllabus

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Communications 428B: Strategic Communications Law

Taught: Spring 2017

Key legal issues affecting strategic communications, advertising, and marketing in an online environment.

COMM 428b Syllabus

Communications 410: International Mass Communications*

Taught: Spring 2016

The role of international mass media in communications and debates about global questions and/or crises between and among nations and peoples.

COMM 410 Syllabus

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Communications 419: World Media Systems*

Taught: Fall 2015

Comparative analysis of modern media systems, including impacts of history, politics, legal regimes, regulations, media economics, technologies, institutional arrangements, culture, and citizens’ access.

Comm 419 Syllabus

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Communications 489w: Media and Information Industries*

The structure, conduct and performance of firms and industries in the electronic media and information sectors.

Comm. 489W Syllabus

Comm 489w Sample Lesson Plan

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Worksheets & Supplemental Materials:

Design Ideation & Prototyping

Check out this ideation and design worksheet to help students flesh out their big idea!